Understanding Scriptures…

Knowing Jesus…

The Idea of this blog is to pick Bible chapters one by one and pick out meanings that you probably never figured out. it is not only for Christians or Bible scholars alone as it would even be fun and we get to identify some unseen things.

The whole blog would take a look at the Bible TWICE.  Why? after having a thorough readthrough, we would then re-read and substitute. E.g. ‘and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free’, then further ahead we see ‘Jesus is the way, the truth and life…’. By the time we re-read, it becomes ‘and ye shall know Jesus, and he shall set you free’.Just give it a trial, and when Genesis 1 gets posted, drop your comments, and i’d know whether or not to continue the blog or how to tailor it to the views of my readers. :D. Let me know how you feel.

Also, I do not own most of the images posted. The Images belonging to me are the generational trees which i drew myself.


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