Exodus Chapter 4 (Review)

  1. And Moses answered and said, But, behold, they will not believe me, nor hearken unto my voice: for they will say, The Lord hath not appeared unto thee.

God, they won’t believe me, they will say God has not appeared to me (what’s his own business if they believed or not?).

  1. And the Lord said unto him, What is that in thine hand? And he said, A rod.

What do you have…what you have is what the Lord will work with in your life.

An the Lord asked what is in his hand….and Moses responded, saying it is a rod.

  1. And he said, Cast it on the ground. And he cast it on the ground, and it became a serpent; and Moses fled from before it.

And the Lord said…throw it on the ground, and he did, and it turned into a serpent, and Moses took off 🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽


  1. And the Lord said unto Moses, Put forth thine hand, and take it by the tail. And he put forth his hand, and caught it, and it became a rod in his hand:

And the Lord said, PUT OUT YOUR HAND AND TAKE IT BY THE TAIL…and Moses did, and it became a rod again.

  1. that they may believe that the Lord God of their fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, hath appeared unto thee.

This is for them to believe that the Lord God of your (and their) fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob appeared unto you.

  1. And the Lord said furthermore unto him, Put now thine hand into thy bosom. And he put his hand into his bosom: and when he took it out, behold, his hand was leprous as snow.

And The Lord said, in addition, put your hand in that part of your cloth that covers your chest. And he did, and on bringing out his hand, it was as if infected with leprosy. As white as snow.


  1. And he said, Put thine hand into thy bosom again. And he put his hand into his bosom again; and plucked it out of his bosom, and, behold, it was turned again as his other flesh.

And the Lord told him, put it in there again and pull it out, and Moses did, and the hand was as the other parts of his body. Back to normal.

  1. And it shall come to pass, if they will not believe thee, neither hearken to the voice of the first sign, that they will believe the voice of the latter sign.

And if they don’t the first sign (the staff)l they will believe the latter sign (the leprous hand).

  1. And it shall come to pass, if they will not believe also these two signs, neither hearken unto thy voice, that thou shalt take of the water of the river, and pour it upon the dry land: and the water which thou takest out of the river shall become blood upon the dry land.

And if they don’t believe the latter signs, or listen to you, you will take water from the Nile and pour it on the ground, and on touching the ground, it will become blood.

  1. And Moses said unto the Lord, O my Lord, I am not eloquent, neither heretofore, nor since thou hast spoken unto thy servant; but I am slow of speech, and of a slow tongue.

Oh Lord, I’m not a man of words, before now, I haven’t been, and even as you speak to me, I am not….I am slow in speaking, even in my tongue.

  1. And the Lord said unto him, Who hath made man’s mouth? or who maketh the dumb, or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind? have not I the Lord?


  1. Now therefore go, and I will be with thy mouth, and teach thee what thou shalt say.



  1. And he said, O my Lord, send, I pray thee, by the hand of him whom thou wilt send.

And Moses said…after everything…please, send who you will send with the message.

  1. And the anger of the Lord was kindled against Moses, and he said, Is not Aaron the Levite thy brother? I know that he can speak well. And also, behold, he cometh forth to meet thee: and when he seeth thee, he will be glad in his heart.

And The Lord was angry with Moses. And asked…is Aaron not your brother the Levite?…I know he speaks well, and he is on his way to meet you, and when he sees you, he will be genuinely happy.

  1. And thou shalt speak unto him, and put words in his mouth: and I will be with thy mouth, and with his mouth, and will teach you what ye shall do.

Talk to him, put the words in his mouth, I will be with your mouth, and I will teach YOU what both of you will do.

  1. And he shall be thy spokesman unto the people: and he shall be, even he shall be to thee instead of a mouth, and thou shalt be to him instead of God.

And he shall be your spokesman to the people. ….It would be like you are God to him (he will act like your mouth, but you do control your mouth – i.e what he says)

  1. And thou shalt take this rod in thine hand, wherewith thou shalt do signs.

And you shall take this rod in your hand. This rod with which you will do signs. (The rod had come in contact with holy ground)

  1. And Moses went and returned to Jethro his father-in-law, and said unto him, Let me go, I pray thee, and return unto my brethren which are in Egypt, and see whether they be yet alive. And Jethro said to Moses, Go in peace.

And Moses went back unto his father in law and asked, that he may return to his brothers in Egypt and see if they are alive, and he was bid farewell in peace by his father in law.

  1. And the Lord said unto Moses in Midian, Go, return into Egypt: for all the men are dead which sought thy life.

And the Lord said to Moses (he wasn’t by the burning bush anymore but was still hearing the voice of the Lord) go to Egypt to your brothers. All those who seek your life have died.

  1. And Moses took his wife and his sons, and set them upon an ass, and he returned to the land of Egypt: and Moses took the rod of God in his hand.

Moses took his wife and sons (one more child or more had come to be), put them on a donkey and returned to Egypt. And Moses went with the rod of God in his hand.

  1. And the Lord said unto Moses, When thou goest to return into Egypt, see that thou do all those wonders before Pharaoh, which I have put in thine hand: but I will harden his heart, that he shall not let the people go.

And the Lord said to him, when you go to pharaoh, Make sure you do these signs in his presence. These wonders that I’ve put in your hand. …but I will harden his heart so he would not let the people go (a normal person would ask…if you will send me there only for you to harden his heart, why the goose chase?).

  1. And thou shalt say unto Pharaoh, Thus saith the Lord, Israel is my son, even my firstborn

Say unto pharaoh, that Israel is the first born of the Lord.

  1. and I say unto thee, Let my son go, that he may serve me: and if thou refuse to let him go, behold, I will slay thy son, even thy firstborn.

Let my son go, that he may serve me (this is meant to be the response of the release). If you refuse to let him go, I will take the life of your first born.

  1. And it came to pass by the way in the inn, that the Lord met him, and sought to kill him.
  2. Then Zipporah took a sharp stone, and cut off the foreskin of her son, and cast it at his feet, and said, Surely a bloody husband art thou to me.
  3. So he let him go: then she said, A bloody husband thou art, because of the circumcision.

So now, Moses was chosen by God to lead Israel out of Egypt and to deliver them by the hand of pharaoh. He is a leader who is to lead by example. But for some reason, at least one of his sons wasn’t circumcised. So Moses’ inaction of circumcision made the Lord want to kill him. And if we remember clearly, circumcision shows that you are a partaker of the covenant.

So before Moses would assume his position before Israel, this had to be rectified. On the way, they stopped to rest, and the Lord was about to kill Moses. So while the Lord was about to kill Moses, his wife –Zipporah had to circumcise his son. One way or the other, she must have known that that alone would save him. And she wasn’t ready to be a widow.

So she circumcised her son and threw the foreskin at the feet of Moses. ‘You bloody husband’ – you and these bloody practices.

Moses was to teach Israel the things of the Lord, but how do you teach the things of the Lord when you as well don’t practice them? If Moses wouldn’t circumcise his son, then would Israel. Whom he’s going to meet then circumcise theirs?

After the circumcision was done, then the Lord refrained from killing Moses.

  1. And the Lord said to Aaron, Go into the wilderness to meet Moses. And he went, and met him in the mount of God, and kissed him.

And the lord spoke to Aaron to go and meet Moses, and he went, met with Moses and kissed him.

  1. And Moses told Aaron all the words of the Lord who had sent him, and all the signs which he had commanded him.

And Moses told Aaron of all the signs God had showed him and the words of God.

  1. And Moses and Aaron went and gathered together all the elders of the children of Israel:

And Moses and Aaron went and assembled all the elders of Israel.

  1. and Aaron spake all the words which the Lord had spoken unto Moses, and did the signs in the sight of the people.

And Aaron spoke al, the words that God said unto Moses (if you don’t do what the Lord sent you, someone else will…) and his same Aaron did the signs in the presence of the people. So before the people, Aaron seems like the one that was sent, and the one God appeared to.

  1. And the people believed: and when they heard that the Lord had visited the children of Israel, and that he had looked upon their affliction, then they bowed their heads and worshipped.

And the people believed, and when they heard that God has looked upon them, they bowed and worshipped.


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